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Cleaning and prepping the surface to install decals

Cleaning and prepping the surface to install decals

We use only premium decal materials to manufacture our decal products. We are confident that our decals will adhere properly to a smooth hard surface and last a long time.

What Not to Do

Improper cleaning/prepping of the surface, in a combination with poor weather conditions, will cause your decal to peel prematurely, or not stick at all.

It is extremely important you take the time to properly clean the surface you are installing your decal to.

Do not use glass cleaner or other cleaners not mentioned. They can leave a residue that will inhibit your decal from sticking properly.

What to Do

Make the surface is not in direct sunlight and cool to the touch.

Wash the surface with soapy water and rinse thoroughly to remove any soap/cleaning material residue.

Dry the surface well until no water remains.

It is recommended to wipe the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any remaining dirt or grime.

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