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Decal Installation Temperature & Weather

Decal Installation Temperature & Weather

Proper temperature and weather conditions are critical when attempting to install a decal.

Temperature !!CRITICAL !!

The temperature that you install your decals in is the most critical element. Temperatures must be between 50°F to 90°F. Temperatures between 70°F and 80°F are the ideal range.

The weather that the decals are exposed to cannot go below 50 degrees for 3-6 days. This is due to the water used during the install. The time is needed to allow the water between the decal and surface to completely evaporate.

Installing your decal in temperatures below 50°F and not allowing it to properly dry in correct temperatures will dramatically affect the ability of the decal to stick to the surface, as well as create bubbling. It is likely the decal will not stick at all, or peel off quickly.

Installing decals in a heated garage in regions where the temps are below the recommended temps does not work. We have seen a high level of failures when customers attempt this. The recommended temps apply to the temperatures outside of your garage.


Do not install decals during any rainfall. The decals must be kept dry until the install is completed.

Direct Sunlight

Make sure to do your install in a shaded area. When in direct sunlight, the surface temperature can change rapidly, causing issues for your install.


Do not install decals in a windy environment. Decals are light objects with a large surface area. A small amount of wind can make the install process difficult.

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