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How To Apply Vinyl Wall Decal Lettering

How To Apply Vinyl Wall Decal Lettering

Vinyl wall decals can sometimes seem tricky to apply. However, take your time and follow the instructions below to make the process easy!


You will need the following items:

  1. Masking Tape
  2. Measuring Tape OR Level (This one’s optional and only necessary if you’re a perfectionist.)

Let the quotes lie flat for a while (because they come rolled up), or just roll them backwards a few times.

Use the level or measuring tape to determine exactly where your quote will go. This is especially important if you are applying a larger decal or wall quote. It can also help if you gently wash/wipe away the dirt on the wall, and then allow it to dry.

Applying the Decal

1. Tape the decal to the wall

Think of the quote like a sandwich – on the bottom you have your back paper, then the actual letters of the quote, then the transfer tape on the top.

First, use the masking tape to tape your quote to the wall, facing forward. Think of the quote like a sandwich – on the bottom you have your back paper, then the actual letters of the quote, then the transfer tape on the top.

2. Rub the decal onto the wall

Use the applicator to rub the letters, with it still encased in the transfer paper. (It’s still a sandwich). My wall was highly textured, so I had to rub and rub and rub and rub.

3. Flip the decal up

Just flip it on itself, so you can remove the back paper.

Peel the transfer paper apart from the decal.

4. Place the vinyl

Slowly place the vinyl in its final resting place on the wall. Once you’ve started applying the lettering or decal to the wall, try to avoid peeling it up and moving it, as this can weaken and remove the adhesive.

5. Rub the vinyl again

Rub the decal a second time. (The transfer tape is still on top of the wording.) This will help make sure it doesn’t stick to the transfer paper when you remove it.

Rub the vinyl letters against the wall. 

6. Remove the transfer paper

Carefully (and slowly) peel away the transfer paper from the back of your decal. If a letter sticks to the transfer paper, put the transfer paper back over it and rub it a few more times.

This is the last, and sometimes the longest, step in applying a vinyl wall decal.

When you’ve finished applying and then admiring your decal, it will stick just fine right away. However, you should avoid heating it or rubbing it for a few days.

Admire your finished wall decal!

Final Tips

Depending on the surface of your wall, you may have some extra difficulty applying a vinyl decal. If it won’t stick, here are some tips to help your decal stick. Textured walls can cause some extra difficulty, as can dirty surfaces like cars and rough surfaces like wood or canvas.

When applying a larger decal, it’s also important to pick one place to start rubbing the decal to avoid any sort of bubbling. For applying a vinyl decal to your wall, you do NOT need to use a sealer- in fact, it can actually get under the decal and keep it from sticking.