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Installing Ford Fusion Solid Emblem Decals

Installing Ford Fusion Solid Emblem Decals

These instructions are for the SOLID CARBON FIBER decal inserts only. If you need instructions for the vinyl decal inserts, Click Here.

The solid carbon fiber version of our emblem inserts do not require water for installation.

Align Decal

When installing your solid carbon fiber inserts start by aligning the left edge of the decal to the outer edge of the outside blue border. (see below)


Place Decal

Slowly lower the decal from left to right on the emblem. Make sure to align the top of the decal with the top of the emblem before and during laying down the decal. (see below)


Check Alignment

If you have aligned the left and top of the decal properly, the rest of the decal should lay in place and be aligned correctly.

Work Out Bubbles

Work out any bubbles by starting from the inside of the decal and working your way outward. You should be able to work any bubbles out with your fingers.

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