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Installing Ford F150 Solid Emblem Overlay Inserts

Installing Ford F150 Solid Emblem Overlay Inserts

Clean Emblems

It is important that the emblems are clean and free of any dirt or grease. Clean thoroughly with soapy water and then wipe emblems with included alcohol prep pads.

Mist Emblems

Mist the surface of the emblems with water using a spray bottle.

Do not use soapy water.

Carefully and slowly remove the decal and clear application tape from the white paper backer. After removing the decal mist the back of the decal with water.

Do not mist the decal with water while the paper backer is installed. The paper will stick to the decal and destroy the product.

Align Decal

With the emblem and decal well misted align the decal on the emblem.

Use the outer edge of the blue outer band to align on the left or right. Then use the top or bottom of the blue portion of the emblem to top or bottom of the decal. When these two edges are aligned the rest of the decal should align correctly.

If you need to realign the decal gently pull up the decal as not to stretch it and try alignment again.

Press Out Water

After your decal is correctly aligned press out the water behind the decal by using your finger covered with a soft cloth.

Start from the middle of the decal and work outward. Make sure not to press from the outside of the decal inward. This can create creases or bubbles.

Remove Application Tape

Carefully peel up the clear application tape from the left or right of the decal. Pull back at a sharp 180 motion. Make sure to remove the application tape very slowly to prevent the decal from pulling up from the emblem.

If the decal lifts from the emblem gently reapply that section and press decal onto emblem and try removing application tape again - slowly.

Heat Decal

After you have removed most of the water from the decal you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to lightly heat of the decal. This will help activate the adhesive and also remove additional water.

While heating the decal use the same inward to outward pressing method as done in the previous step to adhere decal to the emblem.

Final Thoughts

After your decal is installed it will continue to adhere to the emblem over the next couple of days while additional water evaporates. During this time you can work out any wrinkles or bubbles by pressing from the center of the decal and working your way outward.

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